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NPoco.StoredProcedures Nuget

11th, May 2014
I have been quite productive recently (well, in the community I suppose) and I am getting around to release useful pieces of code I have made over the years that might also help others.

I love the PetaPoco/NPoco libraries for querying the database as they support ORM, Interfaces and other handy bits and bobs. However, they do not supply Stored Procedure support out of the box, and that is why I created some handy extensions methods that help to query with safe SQL parameters (HURRAH).

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Put.io Windows Phone - Release

11th, May 2014
Yes, I have finally got off my arse and actually released something into a Marketplace. It might be the smallest around, but I have been fond of Windows Phone since the day it came out and I got my Omnia 7

I have simply built my source code and released into the Wild – however it seems there might be a slight bug on Windows Phone 8.1 (I don’t have this version to test with yet). 

This lovely application is FREE with absolutely no ads or nagging popups (I might add a donate button at a later point…if anyone actually uses it).

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Put.io for Windows Phone Source Released

24th, February 2014
I have decided to release my source code for Put.io to work on Windows Phone. It has plenty of features that could be implemented, but generally works ok for streaming movies on your phone.

I never got around to getting downloads working, but you can use other download applications to handle this for you if you wanted.

The application will take you through a simple sign-in process, after which your phone will be paired with Put.io and can control your transfers, convert media to MP4 and delete files from your storage.

Have fun :)

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Swarm AI

23rd, November 2013
I have always been fascinated by AI, especially the beauty behind the theory of 'Swarm' or 'Flocking'. Just imagine the elegance behind a group of entities naturally working out the solution to a problem without any clear leader or dominance. Something we humans should do more, but hey, that's something to talk about another day.

With the help of my friend James, I have started to try and write a Swarm AI engine in Javascript to see if I am able to get something working that looks convincing.

Feel free to take a look:

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Asteroids update

23rd, November 2013
Hey all, I have just deployed some code that has been sitting in Git for a while now. It now has randomly generated asteroids on screen - HOWEVER, they are not replicated over different clients (local only) and they have no collision detection -> things I am working on resolving.

I am in the process of learning Node.JS and porting the game over to be hosted on that platform so I can simulate the game on the server.

Go have a play (if you dare)

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