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X-Volt Studios

Welcome to X-Volt Studios, the home of many trivial movies, downloads and music created by a number of people indigenous to Huntingdon in the UK.

However in the recent years, this has become a personal page for me (Simon Colmer) and I feel it’s my duty to keep all the videos, music and other sources alive on X-Volt. In late 2009, we changed hosts to a more reliable, faster server and at this time gave the perfect moment to remodel the entire website. Currently I have been working with many forms of websites and thus it has been rebuilt in PHP with many features that will leave it running well and looking good. The layout was designed by loyal web graduate Samuel King, and has assisted me with many projects.

This site has been on the web since 2002 (even though it wasn’t under the name it is today) and I predict it to be here for many to come

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