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Clipboard Manager

There are many clipboard managers around the net, but I disliked the bulky size of the windows (als...

Last updated: 18/10/09

Downloads: 965

The Dude War Team Editor

I love The Dude War but the Teams control in it is very weak so I have developed a new one for it wh...

Last updated: 24/02/10

Downloads: 477


Raideo is a Media player bassed on things that people want from a media player! This is th...

Last updated: 22/10/09

Downloads: 466

Remote Computer Access - RCA

RCA is a software package I have been developing for servers, this lets a remote user view the hard...

Last updated: 12/10/12

Downloads: 463

Mr. Knows

A small educational program developed by Simon Colmer and Matt Janes. This program can generate rand...

Last updated: 25/10/09

Downloads: 442

Vitalize Extension Manager

A small application I made ages ago which allows you to see all the currently installed extensions ...

Last updated: 18/10/09

Downloads: 438

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