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Asteroids (Source)

A small HTML5 research game made by Simon Colmer and Chris Small built using a few kick-ass open sou...

Last updated: 13/08/13

Downloads: 2057

Put.io Windows Phone (Source)

The source code of an application that can talk to Put.io to help you ma...

Last updated: 24/02/14

Downloads: 1912

NPoco.StoredProcedures (Source)

Basic class for querying stored procedures with Npoco...

Last updated: 11/05/14

Downloads: 1834

Swarm AI (Source)

An early attempt at simulating swarms of AI. The idea is to give a collection a target and allow the...

Last updated: 23/11/13

Downloads: 1781

Merge Reminder Tool (Source)

Do you or your team merge between many Team Foundation (TFS) branches? Do you forget to merge betwee...

Last updated: 12/10/12

Downloads: 1607

Sql Parameter Dependency Detector (Source)

Working on a large/legacy database? Found a large stored procedure that is used many times and wa...

Last updated: 29/08/14

Downloads: 1584

Minesweeper (Source)

Free Open source project I made in May 2009. Still learning C++ so please excuse the tidiness!...

Last updated: 11/05/14

Downloads: 959

LocalDb Api (Source)

A tiny wrapper around LocalDb command line api so you can easily start, stop, create and delete inst...

Last updated: 13/08/13

Downloads: 582

Jedi Temple (Source)

Jedi Temple was a MMO game that was based in the world of star wars. This was years before any big M...

Last updated: 11/05/14

Downloads: 555

Remote Computer Access - RCA (Source)

This is the source code for RCA. This requires MMF 1.5 + to be open...

Last updated: 12/10/12

Downloads: 522

Tanx Online (Source)

This is the source for Tanx Online, you will need MMF 1.5+ to open ...

Last updated: 12/10/12

Downloads: 497

Mr. Knows (Source)

A small educational program developed by Simon Colmer and Matt Janes. This program can generate ran...

Last updated: 12/10/12

Downloads: 480

Java Library System (Source)

This is a small project I did in my 2nd year at Nottingham Trent Uni. Even with the lack of help I w...

Last updated: 12/10/12

Downloads: 480

Slug Loading Bar (Source)

An example of different types of loading systems you can make using MMF1.5Feel free to u...

Last updated: 12/10/12

Downloads: 474

TinyORM (Source)

TinyORM is a small Object Relational Mapper (ORM) designed for MS SQL servers to convert tables i...

Last updated: 13/08/13

Downloads: 435

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