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Merge Reminder Tool release

12th, October 2012
I have finally uploaded my "Merge Reminder" tool to Git. 

Do you or your team merge between many Team Foundation (TFS) branches? Do you forget to merge between some branches? Well this tool is designed to keep an eye on your un-merged changes and will give you a helpful reminder.I have released this open source, so feel free to take it and do what you want with it.

- Get reminded about un-merged changes
- Monitor as many branches as you like
- Run in the background
- Uses a tiny footprint
- Free

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Why I wish I never bought my HP Touchpad

17th, June 2012
I wish I had never purchased my HP Touchpad - however not for the reasons you may think. Before experiencing WebOS (the Touchpad operating system), my head was filled with mediocre mobile OS's that performed tasks well enough, iterate like clockwork, and in general completed tasks in a way most people can use. I was very happy with my Windows Phone 7, I thought IOS was minimal but efficient, and that Android was a slow, bulky but destructive tank. 

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American Reunion - what an awesome film

6th, May 2012
Wow, I haven't laughed that much at/with a film in a long time. American Reunion is perfect as a come-back from such a strong line-up of films (well, before they did those crappy university ones). The odd thing with these films is, even though they are mental and idiotic, they are kind-of relatable. Everyone knew a Jim, a Stiffler and a….one of the others. 

The film only had a couple of low points, and by that I mean I wasn't laughing my head off. As usual, the film is based around girls, alcohol and sex - if you don't like that stuff (or are easily offended by that kind of behaviour) then please don't watch this film. I was surprised to see so much skin in this film, especially when you consider these guys are in their 30's - however I suppose it was meant to build a balance between guys/men and something you want to look at… ?

Without shouting about spoilers, this film is so funny that if you even partially enjoyed the originals, you will LOVE this film - and don't walk out the cinema as soon as the credits role like I (and the rest of my cinema did) as there is an amazing scene with Jim's dad.

Go watch it now.

Tomorrow I am FINALLY going to watch the Avengers (this will be my 3rd attempt) - I can't tell you how excited I am, I have re-watched all the prequels and I am ready to go.


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eSight Mobile - My Final Year Project that never was

7th, April 2012
Last year I spent 3 months of my life learning and building a new WP7 app, however since I handed it in to be marked, nothing has been done with it.

I handed my source code to the company, however nothing has happened with it so I feel I should bring it up-to-code and see if I can release it as a third-party application.

I am currently working on moving everything to WP7.5 and also replacing the entire SQL Lite implementation into the SQL CE that is now built into WP7. The problem is, all the systems are extremely tied into the SQL implementation I was using.....this is a big job to remove and adapt it to use Ling to Sql.

Hopefully, I will have something to show in the near future and it should be much much much quicker :)
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Duplicati: 7Zip coming soon...

31st, March 2012
Looks like the 7Zip compression & encryption engine I developed for the open source project Duplicati is going to be included soon (YAY).

Duplicati is a free backup package for both Windows and Linux (via Mono) that can backup to multiple different storage methods such as FTP, NAS boxes, Folders, Amazon S3 etc. If you enjoy working on open source software please consider working on this product as there are some great features within the software and they can always use some more people to help.
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