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TinyORM on Git

5th, March 2012
TinyORM is a small Object Relational Mapper (ORM) for .NET that I made for a project at work. I have decided to open source this project as I was quite proud of it, especially in the short time it was made and with no planning behind it.

What it currently supports:
  • MS Sql
  • Executing SQL and using the 1st table to map to a new instance of an object via generics and reflection

Future plans:
  • Unit tests in a BDD manner
  • Saving of objects to tables
  • Column mapping and routing
  • DB abstraction to allow the framework use other storage methods
  • Keep it as lightweight as possible

It is open source, so feel free to take a look on Git:

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...ALSO Genie in the house

8th, January 2012
Here is another program I was in, 'Genie in the House'. The copy is from the Dutch version of the program, but I still look pretty :)

You can find the video HERE
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Finally, Eastenders is online.....

8th, January 2012
Once upon a time, I used to do extra work for the TV. Barely any records exist, HOWEVER I have finally gotten round to digitzing my old tapes and wala - I now have an everlasting copy of me in Eastenders online :)

You can find me either here at X-Volt or on Youtube
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SpecsFor new Website

3rd, December 2011
Since I have started using SpecsFor, a new dedicated website has been launched and I urge you to go and learn more about this awesome framework.

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Mocking is hard but rewarding..or Is.It

3rd, December 2011
As I continue to pummel my project with new Unit Tests (still no new development for a long time), I am learning much about NUnit and Mocking/Moq.

While attempting to mock a function that takes in 3 parameters and returns a Boolean, I wanted my test to accommodate for 3 particular properties that should return TRUE to the calling function that I am testing. I initially attempted to do the following:

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