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SpecsFor revision

15th, November 2011
Ok, I want to quickly revise my last post a little about the coding standards I am using for unit testing after further reading into SpecsFor. I watched thisvideo from the author of SpecsFor in which he gave an example of how they originally used SpecsFor; in my head this was much much better then how I am currently doing it. In all honesty no code has really changed just the layout and positioning of code within the parent test class. Here is a revised snippet of my unit tests for PathFinderInfo:

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Defeat in Detail: Unit tests and SpecsFor

13th, November 2011
For the new game I am creating, I will be using Unit Tests extensively (unlike other project I have/am working on…cough) and with this many different methodologies follow just for testing code. When I come to create new code I will be performing TDD (Test Driven Development) which means testing/creating test cases as you code and not as an afterthought. Currently I am using code I have created for a test app, and thus I am backtracking all missed unit tests – AND NO NEW CODE WILL BE WRITTEN until I have 100% (or as close to) coverage of public methods in my codebase.

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Defeat in Detail

8th, November 2011

Ok, because I have been VERY lazy in updating this site, I am going to use it as a development blog for the new game I am working on for my phone called Defeat in Detail.

This game is a RTS based on the Windows Phone 7 platform (XNA) and is going to be a really big opportunity for me to advance my programming experience outside of work (using industry standards such as MOQ, NUnit and NHibernate) and some better programming practices that will allow me to progress as a professional.

So expect this to be the first of many posts for the future.....

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Three Bears Massacre DVD

7th, August 2011
After nearly a year, the DVD is very near completion (HURRAH), however I have had a few problems while making it that I would like to moan about.

I ended up using Adobe Premiere to edit the film, and it was AMAZING, especially with the Multicam setup. However, when you want to make DVD menus and burn it to DVDs, you are suggested to use Adobe Encore. The problem with this is even if you export your film as a DVD, when you import it the film will be trans-coded, resulting in reduced quality :(

After some work, I ended up using DVD-Lab Pro - and making a DVD on this software was amazing. So if you ever need to make a DVD, this software is your best bet :)
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New video + comments are back

27th, June 2011
I know you have all been waiting very patiently over the years for a new X-Volt video.....well HERE IT IS.

X-Volt Studios is proud to announce the release of one of the craziest’ videos you have ever seen (at x-volt.com), An Evening In, with the added bonus of the new actress Gemma who is starring in this video. Jump over to the media section or click HERE to view this movie.

Also, comments have been fixed to feel free to comment on the video once you have seen it :)
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