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19th, May 2011
Due to a web crawler/bot flooding X-Volt with useless comments, I have disabled the comments section until I can be bothered to add a CAPTCHA system. Its very odd, these comments are not advertising anything, just saying things like "Thats a really good answer" - however I have noticed that most of the comments have a ' in them, so they are probably trying to find a hole in security (SQL Injection)
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Bye bye Opera...for now

26th, March 2011
Since the last Opera update, using the internet has become harder and harder to bare. I have decided to move to Chrome whilst Opera gets its act together and bring me back the browser I enjoyed. This is really upsetting as I really love Opera, but with soooo many bugs, crashes and most web pages penalising against it, using the internet went from easy and fun to a chore. I am trying to use Chrome now, but I have had to add around 5 extensions to have a half decent ride - such as mouse gestures, notes etc.... Fix your bugs Opera and I will be more than happy to come home :)
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eSight Mobile - WP7 FYP

23rd, March 2011

Here is the first look at my final year project (FYP). A small(ish) Windows Phone 7 application that allows both online and offline viewing of data from eSight installations.

Using a custom built sychronising technique, both ends are kept up-to-date via scheduled tasks. Click HERE to view more images

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The honey badger is BADDD ASSSS

22nd, February 2011

This is one of the funniest things on youtube at the moment :P  

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Stanley comes to X-Volt Studios

8th, February 2011

Stanley the cartoon, created by our awesome Adam P has found a second home here at X-Volt. This is mainly to ensure it is always loved freely and easily by the world.

Find it HERE

Also, if you want to support Stanley at Facebook then please go HERE

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