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PutWP7 Progression

2nd, January 2011

Good news, after working really hard I now have the PutWP7 app streaming video, downloading video to local storage and context menus.

Much of the core is there, I just need to work on transfers, offline use and file manipulation such as Rename, Delete etc

So far, so AWESOME!

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PutWP7 Quick Look

27th, December 2010
Some images of development can be found HERE
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Put.IO WP7 App In Dev

27th, December 2010

After looking at the API for Put.io (an online media streamer) I have decided to start making a Windows Phone 7 Application for it.

I am basing my work off the .NET API however I am heavily recoding it to work with Silverlight/WP7 standards. The API I have been working on will be released in the near future however I do not know when I will get round to doing it.

My 1st WP7 app - lots of fun

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Jolicloud - my new netbook OS

18th, December 2010

If you have never heard of Jolicloud then go google it. Jolicloud is a Ubuntu (Linux) distribution directed at netbooks. It uses a combination of HTML5 apps and native apps without your knowledge to accomplish an amazing experience. 

Fast, small and lovely - I really enjoy Jolicloud. You can also use the same account on different computers and your applications, backgrounds and settings are all synced between them. You can even login to your account using Chrome (only supported at this time) and you can use your desktop without having a computer turned on - AWESOME!

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Machinae Supremacy - Finally on a UK tour

16th, December 2010

I have only been waiting over 4 years for this news, but I am pleased to announce that Machinae Supremacy is doing a UK tour - and are hitting Rock City on the 7th April 2011

They are supporting a band called "Children of Bodom" but hopefully they will get a big enough set to make me happy!


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