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27th, October 2010

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Omnia 7 Review/Thoughts

26th, October 2010

Ok, I ended up getting a Samsung Omnia 7 after reading many reviews about how not-impressive the HD7 was. I can tell you RIGHT NOW that’s its the best handset I have ever used, the WP7 Os is a delight to use, continuing to please and surprise me every time I pick up the phone. The screen makes the phone look very nice and professional, the metal frame/structure makes it also lovely to use. 

After getting used to how Windows Phone work, you realise how handy the back and search button are; I picked up my iPhone after using it lots and I couldn’t stop trying to click back instead to quitting the application altogether. 

There aren’t many apps out at the moment but that can be understood as it only came out on Thursday but to my understanding people are submitting many apps at the moment after getting handsets themselves and doing final testing. 

I have signed up to MSDN as a Student at the moment and am waiting for my account to be activated so I can download apps onto the phone. Will show you what I come up with once it’s done – YAY! 

Overall the entire package (except Orange’s sucky signal) is amazing, and everyone I have shown seems to be blown away by it. Still trying to figure out some simple things, but im sure I will get there in the end 


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Windows Phone 7 - What phone do I get?

14th, October 2010

Announced official on Monday, the new Windows Phone 7 lineup of phones look to be awesome - but which do I choose?

After a quick look online about the top competitors it became obvious to me the best phones coming out in the UK are the HTC HD7 (a WP7 replica of the HD2) and also the Samsung Omnia 7. Both phones have great features, and in the end they will do the same task, but being so close in competition its hard to choose between the 2 of them. The HD7 sports a huge 4.4inch screen, minimal bezel, 16gb of space and other great features. On the otherhand the Omnia has a 4inch Super AMOLED screen - renowned for its sharpness and powersaving abilities; apart from this the phones hardware is very similar. 

Also being my final year at uni I have to do a final year project which I have decided to do on the WP7 setup and so the phone I get will not only be a personal phone but also a developers phone. 

After I take a look at the phones next week I will let you know what I get - but I have a funny feeling that the HD7 will be MINE!

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And im home

30th, September 2010

WOW, what an amazing trip. From England to Japan, then to Korea and home in a month - im shattered. I have met so many people, been to so many places and experienced things I have only dreamt about. I will try and make a map of where I have been soon as im sure you all are dying to know...lol

Anyways, the next big thing is going to University on Saturday for my final year - CANT WAIT! Got some great plans for my final year project, woohoOoOoOOOOooOo....as long as my loan gets sorted from the Loans Company.

Also, have a look at my beard - im a rugged man now :)

Finally, I have recorded and snapped over 21gb of stuff on my WONDERFUL and AMAZING camera over the last month. I will get more put up online soon and also then moved over to facebook (I hate putting pics on facebook - such a 'faf)

Cya soon, xxx

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New Japan photos are up

3rd, September 2010
Quick, run over to the gallery section http://x-volt.com/gallery and see how I'm doing in Japan
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