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New gallery section...

30th, August 2010

After some development, I now have the gallery section up and running along with a desktop application. Its pretty cool, the idea is I put in my memory card from my camera while traveling, it will backup all the files and then make a compressed copy and then and put them online - all with one click.  

So starting from weds, you should notice albums appearing of places I have been traveling! Cant wait :)

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Japan is getting close...The countdown

19th, August 2010
 Its not long now, and im constantly getting butterflies about it! So here is a countdown until im on the plan to JAPAN! WOOOOPEEEE  

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New Sum 41 Leaked Song

10th, August 2010

Man I cant wait until their new album is out - this isn't even going to be a single! WOOHOOO! Bring on another UK tour, the last one was AWESOME!
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Beer Goggles

31st, July 2010
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Three Bears Massacre Trailer out

27th, July 2010
Go have a look at the new trailer Adam P has made for the upcoming musical Three Bears Massacre. Click HERE
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