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Three Bears Massacre Tickets

23rd, July 2010
The online ticket service for the production Three Bears Massacre is now live - feel free to buy as many tickets as you like. Click HERE
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Three Bears Massacre

22nd, July 2010
Tickets will be on sale as soon as I have made the buying system. Also I hope you like the new poster for the musical, it was made by an old school friend Luke Reid
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Graze.com - A Pleasant Supprise

19th, July 2010

After getting a free trial to Gaze.com - I thought it would be a good idea to try them. With an awesomely good AJAX'ed website, with a lovely flow I found ordering to be a piece of cake.

The idea is to get snack boxes delivered to your work on a regular interval (e.g. every week) and you get a random selection from the HUGE inventory they have.

I got my order today which included not so healthy selections, but  who cares its lovely. So head on over to Graze.com and get a half price box delivered asap.

<nom nom nom>

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Im going to Japan + South Korea

13th, July 2010

As my brother is currently working abroad in South Korea, I have taken the opportunity to go traveling before I return to my final year of Uni. My plan is working my way from Tokyo, down to the south of Japan, ferrying from Kukuoka to Busan (South Korea) and then meeting up with my brother for a bit.

I have given myself a month, so that will be lots and lots of fun!

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11th, July 2010
“ THE NEXT STEP NOW IS WRITING THE BLOODY MUSICAL!!”                              Simon Colmer, Theatre Producer

Thats right... we are well on the way to making a great show, except it hasn't really
been written yet. We played around with pencils and paper but nothing happened so we
need to wait for a few more years.

Stay tuned.

P.S the musical has been written, but not really written, more like mulled over many times and a few suggestions came out over drinks and naked women but thats as far as it got.

J x
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