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Asteroids Online - Still working on it

11th, October 2013
In my spare time I have been playing with the asteroids source to see if I could progress the game further. I wanted to add collision detection between bullets and ships (makes it more fun). I have now deployed a version that detects when you have been hit – WOOPEE.

However, while implementing these changes I noticed a huge amount of lag…and after some investigation I detected that SignalR wasn’t running under Web Sockets. Looks like I have been greatly miss informed (or I incorrectly assumed) that Web Sockets worked out of the box in Windows. After some research I discovered only Windows 8+ have the option of turning this amazing feature on, lucky for me :)

To make things worse, Azure websites do not support this feature which is really sucky. I decided to created my own VM and I am now successfully hosting asteroids on a dedicated installation on Azure. Lag is minimal now SignalR is working with the full power of Web Sockets – GREAT SUCCESS :)

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LocalDb API - Nuget

13th, August 2013
So I wanted to play with LocalDb as it seems perfect for usage on a dev machine without having to install all of the SQL bloat that a normal installation requires. What I want is the ability, from code, to spin up a new LocalDb instance so I can keep all of my Dev/Testing code completely separate. Obviously I could just create different databases on the same instance of LocalDb but that doesn't sound as elegant as automatically keeping testing and dev completely separate.

I quickly wrote a wrapper for LocalDb that would simply Create/Delete/Start/Stop instances of LocalDb, it seems to work fine for my Integration tests.

Also, I have not only open sourced this project, but published it on Nuget J


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HTML 5 Multiplayer Asteroids Game

13th, August 2013

Yes, myself and .NET guru Chris Small have built a basic Multiplayer Asteroids game for the web. Using SignalR/Websockets, Javascript and HTML 5 we have a smooth looking game that works in all major browsers without much pain.

It's a great excuse for me to return to my network coding roots of online games to remember all the lovely problems we face when creating multiplayer games. Although I loved using all of this new tech, the performance of using SignalR & Javascript isn’t as good as I had hoped. However, I have attempted to implement scaling code on the Javascript side to dynamically change how often updates are sent etc.

Any-ways, this little project is open source and anyone can happily take a copy and give it a try; do with it as you please.

Live Demo

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Put.io Native Windows Phone 8 (WP8) app on the way

30th, December 2012
I have decided to begin working on my first actually releasable product for the Windows Phone market place. I have decided to try and build a new app from scratch (ignoring the horrible things I did for PutWP7) and work on proper MVVM, REST and TDD practices. It’s not often you can start working on a product from the ground up, usually you are working on old or other people’s work, and that is why I am doing things right this time round. 

The application is currently barebones, using the Put.io API 2.0 (rest) and is super quick and simple. I intend for this application to support full background/multi-tasking (including music and background downloads). This application will be free to try, however it will be extremely limited until fully purchased (price will be decided at a later point).

I currently have the file structure and transfers working, however they are no way finished or finalised, but demonstrate a work in progress.

If you wish to see more, please continue HERE to see a gallery of images.

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Sql Parameter Dependency Detector Released

19th, October 2012
It has been a productive week for me as I release my 3rd open source project on Git.

Working on a large/legacy database? Found a large stored procedure that is used many times and want to learn more about it?

This tool does just that, it will detect all usages of a given stored procedure and list how all the parameters are being used. This application is quick, easy to use and has a tiny footprint.

- Find all usages of a stored procedure and its parameters
- Display progress
- View results in a large grid
- Copy results to Excel for further analysis
- Free

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