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9th, July 2010
I love Coraline (the movie) and I found this image, so thought I would share it...
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ebuyer = sucks

7th, July 2010

Ok, this is rediculous. I have ordered a nice new Canon PowerShot SX210 IS from ebuyer for my travels around Japan + South Korea with next day delivery. The memory card has arrived but no sign of my expensive camera....WHAT THE HELL?

This has happened before when ordering a web cam, it took weeks to sort out.

Moral of the story, NEVER use ebuyer again....

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iPhone 3g + Jailbreak + Multitasking = No....

23rd, June 2010

Ok people, if you have an iPhone 3g and your upset about not having multitasking and custom background then dont worry. The people over at Redsn0w have given you the chance to enable these features on your 3g using their jailbreaking software, however after trying it for 1 day it is not worth the effort.

The phone lags even more then before, and personally I ended up removing the multitasking and keeping the dynamic backgrounds. Feel free to try it but I doubt you will keep it for long....

So anyways, I take back my comment ages ago about how I thought apple were imposing this restriction to make people upgrade their iPhones.

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5th, May 2010
Funny Facebook Fails 
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I need a new hobby....

3rd, May 2010

Ok, so I have come to realise that doing your hobby as a job doesn't make it a hobby anymore. Unlike the past when I would come home and do programming, doing it during the day and then coming home to a computer for more programming just isn't fun.....thus I think I need a  new hobby.

I was thinking of something more active then my original proposal of Remote Control Helicopters :-p

I thinking about Archery at the moment, but if you know of any other interesting active hobbies then please let me know - I want something fun to do.

Also, it has gotten to the point that I can beat most people on the Xbox 360 BETA game called Blur - its very very addictive. Im also currently downloading the Halo Reach BETA so that will be fun (Jetpacks, wooooooh)

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