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OS 4.0

8th, April 2010

See, this is why im not a fan of Apple - just reading today how they are not offering multitasking on anything under the 3Gs is rubbish. They say its due to hardware limitations but I BET you its just to encourage people to upgrade.

Stupid Apple - glad im moving to Windows Mobile 7 soon :-)

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8th, April 2010
Funny.....yet it shouldn't be
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Bring it on....

28th, March 2010

I know it sounds sad, but I have just found out there is a Lego Harry Potter due for release in  may - and if its half as good as some of the other Lego games, it will be awesome!

Bring on Lego Harry Potter

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Flyleaf + Tengu

24th, March 2010

The gig in Nottingham Rock City last night was good, the band played amazingly - no doubt about that. I think the only problem (which was no ones fault) was the lack of atmosphere. The venue was only half full compared to gigs I have been to in the past, with the addition of kids (it was a 14+ night) so we had tiny people trying to start mosh pits (why oh why???) 

However, I still REALLY enjoyed it, even with the few pauses to talk to the audience about....stuff! If you were there then you will understand. Also, there was a guy telling the toilet attendant how he is too over powering....I didnt see how this discussion turned out.

In more important news, I came home this morning from the gig before work to find that girl I love has sent me a Tengu in the post....its soooo cute! Go look at it and be amazed!

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Hurt Feelings Bass Tabs

14th, March 2010

Ok, so I was bored and playing my bass and I figured out the tabs to "Hurt Feelings" by the Flight of the Conchords.

I mainly figured them out as the only tabs I found online were TOTALLY wrong and it upset me.

Very easy to play btw:


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