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5th, March 2010
Ok, in addition to my post from yesterday I have decided to move to Opera....man loving these mouse gestures
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4th, March 2010

I cant say I understand Opera music, but the browser seems to be suiting my needs perfectly.

I have never used this browser before, and was just "yet another web browser" in my opinion, but after installing it on my netbook (which im writing this on) I have come to really enjoy it. Not only does it run faster and more stable then IE, Firefox and the dreaded Chrome, I have found the user interface to be really user friendly and light.

It does have a chrome look to it, but all browsers are going this way (including Firefox). With this in mind, Opera brings so much in built functionality that I find no other browser has, however it does has its flaws.

Unlike Firefox it does not have it MASSIVE library of plugins/addons but what Opera brings to the table are basic Widgets (HTML Snippets) which can run in their own windows etc which is cool as it can then implement all those Google Gadgets laying around (although I cant back up how useful these are as im still finding out)

Furthermore a few simple features makes this browser a joy to use, for example tab previewing like in Windows 7 OR easy 1 click custom search bar creator (you know that little search bar in the top right of Firefox...) and much more

PLUS every website I have been to looks perfect, no javascript issues, barely any alignment issues (no more then IE or Firefox) and it doesnt seem too simple like Chrome which makes you feel like your using a babies toy.....even though on my netbook I have been using chrome but I have not enjoyed it.

I have also found Flash plays smoother on it, which for a low system like my ickle netbook is a good thing!

Overall im really pleased with this browser, and may convert me from Firefox in the near future....

p.s I have barely touched its features, go get the new version now...

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Crazy Portuguese Taxi Drivers

26th, February 2010
Ok, can someone tell me why the taxi drivers here in Portugal think the roads are there for them to play Racing driver?

All im saying is "THANK GOD FOR SEATBELTS"

Crazy people.....
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Adam in Scouting for girl video....

21st, February 2010
 Thats right, he may be kissing people but he is getting more famous by the day.

He is one of few in the new music video "This aint a Love Song" by Scouting for girls - see it here.........HE IS FAMOUS

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Flyleaf on Die Hard 4?

14th, February 2010
Ok, so you know that band I talked about a few days ago? Flyleaf.....yeah well me being a geek and everything I noticed them in Die Hard 4 while laying in bed ill yesterday!

Go and see if you can find them.....

ALSO I just noticed they are gigging in Nottingham soon, if you go to this link and say your coming you also have a chance to meet the band!

Cool ey?

Find the gig info HERE
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