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Flight of the Conchords - Series 2

5th, February 2010
Ok, so yesterday my copy of Flight of the Conchords (FOTC) series 2 came in the post and apart from watching some episodes on Youtube last year when it came out in america, this series is completely new to me.

If you dont know, here is a quick description of what FOTC is:
"Flight of the Conchords is a New Zealand comedy duo composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. Billing themselves as "Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo", the group uses a combination of witty observation, characterisation and acoustic guitar music." - thanks wikipedia

So anyways, I wanted to show you peeps my favourite song from the series so far (watched around 3 episodes). This song really is awesome,  not just for the funny giggles but as I sometimes do wish that "The world was more like my dreams"

Take it away Mel.....

p.s im meeting up with my lover Adam this weekend so we will try and make a video or something....
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Star Trek Online - Not long now...

1st, February 2010
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Thursday nights at Rock City [Nottingham]

22nd, January 2010
Ok, quick little rant here about Rock City in Nottingham. The reason why I went to Nottingham was mainly because of my past experience with this night club, and so you could say I knew I was going to be a frequent go'er over the years.

Last night was my 1st return to Rock City in a few months due to working in a different city, but this was the 1st Thursday/Student night I have been to in AGES

Now, how is it when you got to Rock City expecting rock music to be played you get laughed at? I simply requested a System Of A Down track out of spite - which is fine for any other night - but not on a Thursday. Let me explain, being one of the only nights that Rock City can drag people in with BOGOF offers on entry and drinks without the hassle of older people starting fights, Rock City turns into any other 999999 night clubs in Nottingham - tacky horrible music like Pendulum and Arctic Monkeys.

Hand on heart, after the DJ played around 3 Pendulum tacks in a row, he proceeded to play Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys, noticed he got some response and put ANOTHER Arctic Monkey track on straight after. Now I’m no DJ, but I think it’s obvious even to the simple minded that being a DJ is to play variety – not just popular stupid high street crap.
So all I’m saying is if you’re planning to go to Rock City and you want good music, go on a Saturday as the music taste it much better, not as many ‘fresher’ annoying people, and also....just better music

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My UNI learning some common sense.....

18th, January 2010
If you know me at uni, the one thing that I will always bring up in rage is how the computers are always turned on - DAY OR NIGHT

No one else seemed to be bothered but now im happy to report that my uni had a look in its wallet, noticed the buildings they were making were VERY expensive and that they could save ££££'s by turning every computer off in the uni when its not being used anymore.

I know this isn't a real effort for saving energy and more for saving bills, but either way it makes me smile

 From the email:

Automatic power down for University’s networked computers

The university is introducing an energy saving scheme that involves powering down computers remotely after periods of inactivity. All networked computers will be included in the scheme.

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2009 in 90 seconds

8th, January 2010
I just found this video and I love it, see what you think

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