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6th, January 2010
Oh no, don't do it James Cameron! Leave this film as a 1 hit wonder

http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/ 1628605/story.jhtml
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Quick note....

25th, December 2009
Just a quick note to say.........Merry Christmas. I hope everyone has an amazing day :-)
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Star Wars Episode 1 Review

24th, December 2009
Ok, I have just found this 70 minute episode 1 review. Its truly awesome as I have never noticed all the problems and terrible writing that went into it. I think this has something to do with my being young when it was released and just taking things as they come!

So anyways, go to this page and see what you think....plus its really funny :-)

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Avatar - Greatest film ever? - Yup

23rd, December 2009
This second I have walked through the door after watching Avatar with my buddy Adam.

I had absolutely no expectations before going to see this movie, except for "oh wow I hear the graphics are amazing" or "I heard you got to watch this in 3d..." etc....

Due to the cinema being fully booked we ended up seeing the non-3d version and I can honestly say from the depths of my heart that looking back on it im glad I did. This is due to many factors ranging from getting headaches from the 3d glasses, to possibly not paying enough attention to the absolutely amazing storyline that was written.

I am doing my best to think about how to word this review without giving ANTHING away as I would hate to deprive anyone from experiencing this amazing movie 1st hand.

Ok, the graphics and visuals were AMAZING (I know, I keep using that word but im trying to come up with something similar that works as well). Before I went I was like "....blue cats? Huh?" and I was thinking about integrating real film with CGI, especially as the initial thought is that it looks cartoony...kind of. After watching somehow you come out and none of that matters, it just works. I don't understand how, but everything worked, even when it came to human/Na'vi interactions (who are the alien race).

As for now, I will have to rate the cinematic's as perfect, I know in a year or 2 even better CGI will come out (just like the original Final Fantasy movie – Spirits Within) but from the diversity, the constant flow of the camera...I enjoyed every second

Now I heard a minority coming out of the cinema saying the storyline was cheesy, and I will be honest there have been many movies in the past that take a similar storyline (im thinking of a children's movie for a reference but I cant remember the name) but again IT JUST WORKED. I can't find a fault with anything, even the actors I have never seen before were amazing to watch. I couldn't doubt a thing about anyone

This movie is going to have a massive cult following and I will gladly stand at the front of this, it sucked me in...and well it still has me. This new world that has been created really...really makes you question this world. Walking out of the cinema me and Adam both commented on how depressing this world feels now, we are living in a world with internal conflicts, still.

I advise everyone not to see this film, but only for 1 reason – because it will affect how you see this world, from the people cutting down forests, America and other western countries that invade just to eat resources and how this world is in such a state.

However, if you don't mind that then go RIGHT NOW and watch it as I can guarantee that it is the best film I have ever seen and probably will see.

Please DON'T make a sequel James Cameron; however much I would love to see this world come alive again I don't want this movie ruined by a second attempt

So yeah, 10/10 for everything...movies like this don't come around the corner every day. I am planning on seeing it in 3d soon so I can give a comparison review!

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Cars + Snow = Bad

22nd, December 2009
Man, cars are expensive. Last night I had a minor incident involving a Kerb and my front left wheel which much skidding and shouting AHHHHHH!

Ok so it wasnt that bad, but it did involve me buying a new wheel which are REALLLY expensive (like £160 expensive)

So, make sure you drive extra slow, especially when in the car with Adam.... :D

P.s that pic isnt my car....
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