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Partial Retraction

13th, November 2009
Ok, good news. Cryptic (makers of Star Trek Online) decided to include the ability to walk around the bridge of your ship - not the rest of the ship like the promised in original talks. However im sure these will come later with more updates.

Glad they decided to include what most would say is an "important" feature to the game. Im just happy they came to their senses before the game release!

Good news!
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Star Trek Online - Release date confirmed

12th, November 2009
Ok, so this news is 'old-hat' now, but I wanted to put out there not only the happiness this means, but also the anticipation. Let me explain, for a MMO to be developed from start to end takes YEARS, and because the gaming company who is making this game (Cryptic) specialise in making online games they have already got an online engine to put to it. STO has only been in development for barely 2 years which means it’s still in early stages of Dev.

Now the BETA has only just been released but this seems to be more of a way to get people interested and excited about the actual release which is in just over 2 months.

So, the game is getting released quite early for a game but with the advantages of making a MMO is that it’s online which means you can constantly release updates (which with games like Star Wars Online was weekly). With this in mind, more content will be added easily once it’s released and will [hopefully] ensure an income to continue development which results in us having a better game in the end.

One of the things that’s bumming me out is the original press release video make last august, which stated loads of things that will be in the game like working on peoples Ships, economy, exploration etc... But this release is barely going to scratch the surface of this. From recent rumours YOU CANT EVEN WALK AROUND YOUR OWN SHIP - I mean that’s just crazy.

Now I want to play this game, and I resent waiting another year for it but I’m scared when it does come out its going to be 'Half Cooked' and many people are going to be put off this.

In the end this doesn’t really matter as I can’t do anything until I get my STUPID INTERNET - honestly avoid Virgin Media at all costs!
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Oooops, something went wrong...

29th, October 2009
As most visitors will find, is that ALL old links to X-Volt will most likely be dead. This is because...well...it isn’t there anymore. I decided not to upload all the old files from X-Volt as it would mean clutter and well ugly. So any old links will be showing this 404 Error screen.

However, I have just made a 404 redirection system which will redirect all the popular old links to their new counterparts (e.g. http://x-volt.com/webit)

If you cant find what you looking for and I will see if I can put it up, otherwise you will never see it again.

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Funeral for a Friend

28th, October 2009
Ok, so this is the 3rd time I have seen this band live and they don’t disappoint. Granted, if you don’t know their music you will find yourself at the back with a big question mark over your head as the 80%+ rage around singing, dancing and crowd surfing.

. Hitting the fans with hit after hit, and Matthew Davies-Kreye (lead vocals) giving his all with his awesome look of shagginess (long hair and beardedness - 5/5 for me if I were gay, lol). The theme of the night (as if it wasn't going to happen anyway) was "If you know it, sing it" which meant around 75% of the time you couldn't hear much else then you or the hot sweaty guy next to you singing - which in its own way was great.

Also, for a gig there was no trouble which is a strange occurrence in itself. Crowd surfing didn’t happen until around the 4th to last song in the set meaning for nearly the entire gig you didn’t have to worry about someone landing on your head.

Again, I always enjoy seeing this band, and even though I’m typing this at work with only 2 hours sleep, I am still humming oblivion.....

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Movoe - Bug fixed

27th, October 2009
Hey everyone, I have sorted out the Movoe server error. You can now get your IMDB info for you videos as usual (no need to do anything)

Sorry for the down time of Movoe's main feature!

Also, last night I swam a mile, woop woop :-)
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