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Movoe - known error

26th, October 2009
Hey guys, just so you know I do know about the Movoe IMDB error (getting 406 error when trying to get movie information)

This is due to me moving hosts, and i will try and get it fixed this week. Hope your well, si
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The new X-Volt Studios

25th, October 2009
Hey everyone, welcome to the NEW X-Volt Studios. X-Volt has needed a face lift since...well...2004? Yeah, lets be honest, it was terrible, horrible, ugly, and old.....we can go on all day.

With this new X-Volt you will currently find only 2 main areas to play with, Media and Downloads. These seem pretty self explanatory, so go and play. Watch the epic movies we have to offer, download the user friendly programs I have made.....cough cough

well, one thing with the new X-Volt is that I wanted to make it all on my own. So you will find custom built php pages especially for X-Volt (none of this template stuff - err), but as I’m sure you know I'm TERRIBLE with graphics, so Sam King kindly rebuilt X-Volt to make it modern and functional (even though it was made on a Mac.....Yeah - that’s a Mac dig, lol) I even made the JavaScript Slideshow which you will see in use on this page and in the downloads (took many hours of playing). Once I get it looking and working AWESOME I'm going to release it open source on X-Volt and dynamic drive so people can play with it.

I hope you are all well, and please welcome back X-Volt for its well deserved rebuild

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27th, November 2008
this is a test
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