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Bye bye Opera...for now

26th, March 2011
Since the last Opera update, using the internet has become harder and harder to bare. I have decided to move to Chrome whilst Opera gets its act together and bring me back the browser I enjoyed. This is really upsetting as I really love Opera, but with soooo many bugs, crashes and most web pages penalising against it, using the internet went from easy and fun to a chore. I am trying to use Chrome now, but I have had to add around 5 extensions to have a half decent ride - such as mouse gestures, notes etc.... Fix your bugs Opera and I will be more than happy to come home :)
2 Comments Posted by Simon Colmer


1 Matthew 26th, March 2011 15:49
I'm running the new firefox. Its pretty good
2 Jody 27th, March 2011 22:47
Chrome is superb... those Googly people can't be beaten
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