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eSight Mobile - My Final Year Project that never was

7th, April 2012
Last year I spent 3 months of my life learning and building a new WP7 app, however since I handed it in to be marked, nothing has been done with it.

I handed my source code to the company, however nothing has happened with it so I feel I should bring it up-to-code and see if I can release it as a third-party application.

I am currently working on moving everything to WP7.5 and also replacing the entire SQL Lite implementation into the SQL CE that is now built into WP7. The problem is, all the systems are extremely tied into the SQL implementation I was using.....this is a big job to remove and adapt it to use Ling to Sql.

Hopefully, I will have something to show in the near future and it should be much much much quicker :)
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