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American Reunion - what an awesome film

6th, May 2012
Wow, I haven't laughed that much at/with a film in a long time. American Reunion is perfect as a come-back from such a strong line-up of films (well, before they did those crappy university ones). The odd thing with these films is, even though they are mental and idiotic, they are kind-of relatable. Everyone knew a Jim, a Stiffler and a….one of the others. 

The film only had a couple of low points, and by that I mean I wasn't laughing my head off. As usual, the film is based around girls, alcohol and sex - if you don't like that stuff (or are easily offended by that kind of behaviour) then please don't watch this film. I was surprised to see so much skin in this film, especially when you consider these guys are in their 30's - however I suppose it was meant to build a balance between guys/men and something you want to look at… ?

Without shouting about spoilers, this film is so funny that if you even partially enjoyed the originals, you will LOVE this film - and don't walk out the cinema as soon as the credits role like I (and the rest of my cinema did) as there is an amazing scene with Jim's dad.

Go watch it now.

Tomorrow I am FINALLY going to watch the Avengers (this will be my 3rd attempt) - I can't tell you how excited I am, I have re-watched all the prequels and I am ready to go.


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