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Put.io Native Windows Phone 8 (WP8) app on the way

30th, December 2012
I have decided to begin working on my first actually releasable product for the Windows Phone market place. I have decided to try and build a new app from scratch (ignoring the horrible things I did for PutWP7) and work on proper MVVM, REST and TDD practices. It’s not often you can start working on a product from the ground up, usually you are working on old or other people’s work, and that is why I am doing things right this time round. 

The application is currently barebones, using the Put.io API 2.0 (rest) and is super quick and simple. I intend for this application to support full background/multi-tasking (including music and background downloads). This application will be free to try, however it will be extremely limited until fully purchased (price will be decided at a later point).

I currently have the file structure and transfers working, however they are no way finished or finalised, but demonstrate a work in progress.

If you wish to see more, please continue HERE to see a gallery of images.

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