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Asteroids Online - Still working on it

11th, October 2013
In my spare time I have been playing with the asteroids source to see if I could progress the game further. I wanted to add collision detection between bullets and ships (makes it more fun). I have now deployed a version that detects when you have been hit – WOOPEE.

However, while implementing these changes I noticed a huge amount of lag…and after some investigation I detected that SignalR wasn’t running under Web Sockets. Looks like I have been greatly miss informed (or I incorrectly assumed) that Web Sockets worked out of the box in Windows. After some research I discovered only Windows 8+ have the option of turning this amazing feature on, lucky for me :)

To make things worse, Azure websites do not support this feature which is really sucky. I decided to created my own VM and I am now successfully hosting asteroids on a dedicated installation on Azure. Lag is minimal now SignalR is working with the full power of Web Sockets – GREAT SUCCESS :)

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