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Funeral for a Friend

28th, October 2009
Ok, so this is the 3rd time I have seen this band live and they don’t disappoint. Granted, if you don’t know their music you will find yourself at the back with a big question mark over your head as the 80%+ rage around singing, dancing and crowd surfing.

. Hitting the fans with hit after hit, and Matthew Davies-Kreye (lead vocals) giving his all with his awesome look of shagginess (long hair and beardedness - 5/5 for me if I were gay, lol). The theme of the night (as if it wasn't going to happen anyway) was "If you know it, sing it" which meant around 75% of the time you couldn't hear much else then you or the hot sweaty guy next to you singing - which in its own way was great.

Also, for a gig there was no trouble which is a strange occurrence in itself. Crowd surfing didn’t happen until around the 4th to last song in the set meaning for nearly the entire gig you didn’t have to worry about someone landing on your head.

Again, I always enjoy seeing this band, and even though I’m typing this at work with only 2 hours sleep, I am still humming oblivion.....

5 Comments Posted by Simon Colmer


1 Devika 28th, October 2009 09:37
:) You can take me one day - i would like to see how good they are..xxx
2 Simon 28th, October 2009 09:46
I have just realised they are playing in Cambridge tonight.....lol Was better in Nottingham anyways
3 Devika 29th, October 2009 01:02
Why am i having a 'covo' with you here? x
4 Matthew 3rd, November 2009 20:22
Well it is always better in Nottingham as that is where I am :P
5 Simon 9th, November 2009 10:19
Haha, true, true!
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