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10th, December 2009

The fox network in America is home to many shows, ranging from horror to sitcoms, reality to comedies.
Some of my favourite shows would have to be the usual suspects:
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpson’s
  • Futurama

But these are still going (with the exception of Family guy being cancelled 2000 times and Futurama being cancelled once)

I am a cult follower when it comes to programs I truly love, and these (as usual) are the ones that get cancelled and lately I feel everything I start to really enjoy is cut from the air despite having a huge following online

Any close friend will know I am a MASSIVE firefly fan, to the point of insanity that I was tempted at ordering the Big Damn Replica. A friend at my old work introduced me to firefly (well serenity 1st) and as soon as I finished the series I was ready for more until I searched online to only find it has been cancelled. I WAS HORRIFIED at the idea that my journey with Josh Whedon and firefly had come to an end.

Stupid Fox Network cancelled what could have been the BIGGEST show for them because of the comedy, drama, romance, deep storyline, the action and the Sci-fi. This series had it all but the people behind the desks said NOOOO

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
I will be honest, when I initially heard of the idea of turning The Terminator into a series I just thought of producers trying to get a little more money out'a that cash cow. I gave it a shot as it had the wonderful Summer Glau from Firefly (and also Lena Headey who I recognised from The Parole Officer). Now this title got 2 seasons, every episode was a "sitting on the corner of your seat" sort of jobby where you just didn't know what was about the happen, and then at the end of season 2 Fox pulls the plug.

Fox, are you hearing this? That's 2 shows that I loved and you killed off, I hope you're happy

Ok, so after this (along with watching Family Guy coming and going) I was reluctant to watching Dollhouse which is another Whedon creation. I have only heard great things about it but I knew that if I start watching it something bad will happen….and guess what Fox went and did after the 2nd season? YUP, cancelled!

Now, I know this next one isn't fox but it still upset me and that's Star Trek Enterprise. This is another show that I loved and was killed prematurely, they may have at least ended the story very nicely but I know that there was more potential. Compared to a series like Voyager which was ended very abruptly and rushed in my opinion (an ending that made no sense)

Now, I am currently watching the series Sea Patrol on Hallmark and all im asking is this….PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT
So yeah, most things I seem to watch are being ended without my permission (yeah, that's right they need it), so in future I pledge that the companies start looking at online ratings and see how to publish their series online more so they can benefit from getting sponsors online instead of just TV


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