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My UNI learning some common sense.....

18th, January 2010
If you know me at uni, the one thing that I will always bring up in rage is how the computers are always turned on - DAY OR NIGHT

No one else seemed to be bothered but now im happy to report that my uni had a look in its wallet, noticed the buildings they were making were VERY expensive and that they could save ££££'s by turning every computer off in the uni when its not being used anymore.

I know this isn't a real effort for saving energy and more for saving bills, but either way it makes me smile

 From the email:

Automatic power down for University’s networked computers

The university is introducing an energy saving scheme that involves powering down computers remotely after periods of inactivity. All networked computers will be included in the scheme.

4 Comments Posted by Simon Colmer


1 Sam 19th, January 2010 21:50
Quite frankly I find it ridiculous they haven't done that sooner! I thought it was commonplace in computer labs. Still, good that they've got round to it eventually eh.
2 Simon 20th, January 2010 09:00
Yeah, I suppose. I just remember every time in the evening I would go around the room I was working in and turn all the computers off - made my conscience that little bit less heavy. Lol
3 Matthew 20th, January 2010 17:57
Yeh finaly the policy and automatic shut-downs have been put in place.
4 Sam 21st, January 2010 11:08
Ha, well done Simon.
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