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Thursday nights at Rock City [Nottingham]

22nd, January 2010
Ok, quick little rant here about Rock City in Nottingham. The reason why I went to Nottingham was mainly because of my past experience with this night club, and so you could say I knew I was going to be a frequent go'er over the years.

Last night was my 1st return to Rock City in a few months due to working in a different city, but this was the 1st Thursday/Student night I have been to in AGES

Now, how is it when you got to Rock City expecting rock music to be played you get laughed at? I simply requested a System Of A Down track out of spite - which is fine for any other night - but not on a Thursday. Let me explain, being one of the only nights that Rock City can drag people in with BOGOF offers on entry and drinks without the hassle of older people starting fights, Rock City turns into any other 999999 night clubs in Nottingham - tacky horrible music like Pendulum and Arctic Monkeys.

Hand on heart, after the DJ played around 3 Pendulum tacks in a row, he proceeded to play Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys, noticed he got some response and put ANOTHER Arctic Monkey track on straight after. Now I’m no DJ, but I think it’s obvious even to the simple minded that being a DJ is to play variety – not just popular stupid high street crap.
So all I’m saying is if you’re planning to go to Rock City and you want good music, go on a Saturday as the music taste it much better, not as many ‘fresher’ annoying people, and also....just better music

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1 Matthew 22nd, January 2010 17:49
Here here, the music last night was real bad
2 Simon 22nd, January 2010 18:38
Glad I'm not the only person who thinks that
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