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I need a new hobby....

3rd, May 2010

Ok, so I have come to realise that doing your hobby as a job doesn't make it a hobby anymore. Unlike the past when I would come home and do programming, doing it during the day and then coming home to a computer for more programming just isn't fun.....thus I think I need a  new hobby.

I was thinking of something more active then my original proposal of Remote Control Helicopters :-p

I thinking about Archery at the moment, but if you know of any other interesting active hobbies then please let me know - I want something fun to do.

Also, it has gotten to the point that I can beat most people on the Xbox 360 BETA game called Blur - its very very addictive. Im also currently downloading the Halo Reach BETA so that will be fun (Jetpacks, wooooooh)

6 Comments Posted by Simon Colmer


1 Matthew 3rd, May 2010 22:58
How about shooting or rock climbing?
2 Simon 4th, May 2010 10:09
I can honestly say I dont think rock climbing is my thing...lol
3 Matthew 4th, May 2010 11:14
How about the TA.
4 Simon 4th, May 2010 11:14
Lol, me in the TA? Are you insane? :P
5 Matthew 4th, May 2010 17:05
how about tree climbing?
6 Simon 4th, May 2010 17:06
Ok, not climbing of any sort - and not running :P
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